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New MacBook Air to Boost Data Rransfer with Faster NAND Flash

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 10:43
The latest version of the MacBook Air, the release of which is rumored to be imminent, will feature Toggle DDR 2.0 flash memory with up to 400Mbps performance.

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How hot will Earth be by 2100? The answer's in the clouds

ArsTechnica - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 10:37

Understanding the behavior of clouds is key to any accurate projection of future climate (as we’ve covered in the past) because of the complex, competing effects that clouds have on Earth’s energy budget. 

Radiation from the sun in the form of visible light (which climate scientists refer to as "shortwave radiation") is reflected back into space by clouds. An increase in clouds (caused by increasing evaporation that comes with higher temperatures) will thus decrease temperatures by reducing incoming shortwave radiation. We call that a negative feedback—it acts to keep temperatures stable.

But water vapor is also a strong greenhouse gas. In fact, compared molecule for molecule, water vapor absorbs 100 times more outgoing infrared (or "longwave") radiation than does carbon dioxide. That means increasing evaporation will cause temperatures to increase even more. That’s a positive feedback—it acts to exacerbate rising temperatures. 

(Despite its greenhouse potency, water vapor provides a feedback, not a forcing—it can’t initiate temperature increases because its presence in the atmosphere depends on temperature, unlike carbon dioxide or methane.)

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The Only Backdoor Left To Sneak Your Facebook Friends Into Google+ Is Yahoo

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 10:32
Mark Zuckerberg may be the most followed user on Google+, but good luck trying to find any of your Facebook friends on Google’s new social service. Facebook is making it difficult for anyone to import their friend contact information into Google+.

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Google freezes real-time search after Twitter deal expires

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 10:06
Google has suddenly and quietly stopped its Realtime Search service. The move comes after the two-year contract with Twitter, the primary content provider for this particular search engine, expired. There is no indication if a new arrangement is under discussion at this time.

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PhotoForge 2, Possibly the Best iPad Photo Editing App Yet

Wired: Gadgets - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 09:19
IPad-owning photographers should stop reading right now (well, not right now, or you won't know what to do next) and go download PhotoForge 2, a rather splendid update to the already decent photo-editing app. Better still, if you already bought the iPhone version, the update is free -- the app is now universal. The biggest differences ...

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Ask Ars: will iTunes Match be used to chase down music pirates?

ArsTechnica - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 09:00

In 1998, Ask Ars was an early feature of the newly launched Ars Technica. Now, as then, it's all about your questions and our community's answers. Each week, we'll dig into our question bag, provide our own take, then tap the wisdom of our readers. To submit your own question, see our helpful tips page.

Q: Will Apple's iTunes Match service be used to find out who has pirated music?

In the fall, Apple will launch its iCloud service for Macs and iOS devices. It includes two iTunes-related services: free access to previously purchased songs via any authorized device, as well as a $25 per year option to store up to 25,000 songs in iCloud. The latter feature, dubbed iTunes Match, will scan a user's library and give immediate iCloud access to any song that "matches" a corresponding track in the iTunes Store library. Songs that don't match will be uploaded to a user's iCloud storage.

The benefit of iTunes Match over competing services from Amazon and Google is that users with libraries that consist of the most popular content will only have to upload a small percentage of music. This makes the process much faster than uploading each and every track, especially given the relatively anemic upload speeds available to most US broadband users. The US iTunes Store boasts over 18 million tracks, so if your tastes don't depend heavily on obscure, independent, or foreign music, there's a good chance that a significant proportion of your library will match up.

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10 Tech Stocks More Attractive than Apple

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 08:58
Did Apple'€™s retreat earlier this year signify that the shine has come off? Or was it the pause that refreshes? The top performers weigh in, and provide 10 tech stocks that they like more than Apple.

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Which Country Is Best Prepared For Cyberwar?

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 08:58
Between Lulz and yesterday's Fox News hacks, cyber criminals are on a roll. But the scariest online threats are the ones you haven't even heard of.

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Amazon Appstore, Not so Amazing

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 08:32
An Android developer is pulling its game app from the Amazon Appstore for Android, calling it a "disaster" because of a number of shortcomings. It's the complaint of one developer but it highlights some of the challenges in building a mature market for apps.

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Old Internet Getting You Down? Build Your Own!

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 08:31
If the old Internet is infested with infidel, imperialist, capitalist propaganda just go ahead and make your own, just like Iran is planning on doing and China, as well as Cuba and, to a limited extent, North Korea have been doing for a while.

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Nerdapalooza Spotlight: I Fight Dragons

Wired: Gadgets - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 08:30
Like all genres of music, the genre of nerdcore has it's annual gathering, the apex of live performances in a 2-day music festival called Nerdapalooza. Regardless of the genre classification, Nerdapalooza is a high energy gathering with a solid and continuous line-up of musical performances and straight up fun. Over the past couple years, attendance ...

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Does the HP TouchPad Have More Tablet Apps Than Android?

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 08:02
The HP TouchPad launched with nearly 400 apps - but some sites are saying Android's Honeycomb OS only has 232 apps. What's wrong with Android tablets?

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Hands-On: The SoundJaw Fixes the iPad 2's Awful Speaker

Wired: Gadgets - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 07:41
It would be hard to say anything good about the iPad 2's speaker. It is tinnier-sounding than the surprisingly good speaker on the first iPad. It faces backwards, firing all sound away from you. It is far too easy to cover it with a hand or a Smart Cover and -- worst of all -- it is about the ugliest piece of design to come out of Apple since that stupid hockey-puck mouse that shipped back in 1998. Luckily, there's a fix.

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Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5s For September

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 07:32
The sources also said that the iPhone 5 isn't very different from the iPhone 4.

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Should the Government Need a Search Warrant to Track Your Car with GPS?

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 07:14
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case next term about when the government can put GPS devices on people's cars -- which could produce one of the court's biggest privacy rulings in years

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Mark Zuckerberg may be the most followed person on Google+

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 07:10
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and face of Facebook, might be the most followed person on Google+ -- the social network from Google that is looking to be his biggest rival.

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Mind Blowing: Google+ VS Facebook [GIF]

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 07:01

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Procomm Plus BB to Facebook Mobile: Key Internet Communication Changes

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 06:58
If teen pop sensation Justin Bieber were to shave his head right now, you would not only learn about it within minutes, but would also have access to photos and video of the incident, no matter where in the world you lived.

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HP Touchpad: Just Another Inferior iPad Imitator?

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 06:57
Yet another new tablet is challenging Apple's dominance — but this one may be the most worthy competitor yet.

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Chrome Extension Lets You Grab Your Facebook Contacts Data

Digg: Tech - Tue, 2011/07/05 - 06:23
Chrome extension lets you grab your Facebook contacts data and export to either Gmail or your Google+ account.

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