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Contest: Remix the "GeekDad" Song (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

Wired: Gadgets - Sat, 2011/07/02 - 08:30
GeekDad by John Anealio Want a chance to win some awesome prizes from Wired and ThinkGeek? Then enter the "GeekDad" Remix Contest! First, if you haven't heard the "GeekDad" song yet, click the play button on the player above. You can even download it absolutely free, just click the Download button on the player above or click ...

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London's iTunes Festival Will Stream Live Music to iPads Everywhere

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 12:36
Apple hosts a month of live music gigs as part of the each year. The 2011 series starts Friday and anyone not attending the 60-plus London concerts in person will be able to stream them live to a free iPad and iPhone app in HD.

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Gadget Lab Podcast: HP TouchPad, Windows Phone 'Mango,' iPhone Rumors

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 12:32
In this week's Gadget Lab podcast, the crew shines the spotlight on the TouchPad tablet, HP's response to the iPad. We also peek at Windows Phone Mango and pass on the latest iPhone rumor.

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Infinite Loop Flexible Ribbon Supports Tablets, Phones

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 08:39
Tim Gushue's Infinite Loop is a tablet stand that is flexible both literally and metaphorically. If you ever used a "flexible curve" for drawing or woodworking, you'll be familiar with the design. The Infinite Loop is a four-foot strip of bendy plastic with a pair of metal cores running through. The combination lets you bend ...

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How It Works: Backside Vs. Frontside Illuminated Camera Sensors

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 08:11
Friday seems like a great time to stop working, kick back with a beverage and read up on something that you have been wondering about since, like forever. So today we bring you one of the most pressing issues of the day: backside vs. frontside illuminated camera sensors. What's the difference? In construction, not much. But ...

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Interview: Weird Al Talks Music, Kids' Books, Being a Dad

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 08:00
GeekDad sits down with one of its favorite musicians to talk about his new book and stuff.

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Fixtation: Bike Repair Stations with Vending Machines

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 07:32
We've covered self-service bike stations before, but the Fixtation at the Uptown Transit Station in Minneapolis is worth a special mention as probably the best example yet -- and not just because of its cool name. The Fixtation combines a repair stand equipped with most of the tools you'll need for basic repairs, including tire levers, ...

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The <em>Numbers League</em> App Improves on a Masterpiece

Wired: Gadgets - Fri, 2011/07/01 - 07:30
App versions of tabletop games are everywhere these days. Usually they are lacking when compared to the original. But there are a few game publishing companies that have taken the time to do it right, to faithfully recreate their game in digital form, and to add in extra functionality (Carcassonne comes to mind). One excellent example ...

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Smartphones Dominate U.S. Mobile Purchases

Wired: Gadgets - Thu, 2011/06/30 - 14:48
If your last cellphone purchase wasn't a smartphone and you're living stateside, consider yourself in the minority.

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The Tech Inside Apple's $50 Thunderbolt Cable

Wired: Gadgets - Thu, 2011/06/30 - 12:14
The first Thunderbolt-compatible peripherals -- Promise's Pegasus RAIDs -- shipped Tuesday. Using the RAIDs with a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, though, requires an expensive $50 cable from Apple. How does Apple justify charging $50 for a plastic-wrapped copper wire? Will Thunderbolt suffer a fate similar to Apple's FireWire?

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